NSUCRYPTO-2017: The registration is open!

23 September 2017

To participate in the Olympiad you need to register and get an access to your personal account.
The next step is to register to the first and/or the second rounds according to your intention. To do this, please, use the buttons First round coming soon and Second round coming soon respectively.
When the Olympiad starts you will see the problems. Have a good luck!

Solutions for the problems of NSUCRYPTO-2016

22 September 2017

The paper "Mathematical methods in solutions of the problems from the Third International Students’ Olympiad in Cryptography" about NSUCRYPTO-2016 can be found in NSUCRYPTO Archive.


23 June 2017

The first round of the Olympiad starts on October 22, 2017 at 16:00 NOVT (UTC+7). Duration of the first round is 4 hours 30 minutes. The second round of the Olympiad starts on October 23, 2017 at 16:00 NOVT (UTC+7). Duration of the second round is one week.

Awarding of the winners in NSU

22 December 2016

Awarding of the winners will take place in Novosibirsk State University, Maltsev auditorium at 18:00 NOVT on December, 27. All the non-Novosibirsk winners will be informed about the delivery of prizes and diplomas soon.

Total results of NSUCRYPTO-2016

16 December 2016

The final results and the list of the winners are available now on the site! Our congratulations to the winners! We will contact you soon to inform about the details! Also we want to thank all the participants! See you next year!

NSUCRYPTO-2016 results

11 December 2016

Dear participants of NSUCRYPTO-2016! You can find your scores and our comments to your solutions in your personal accounts! For any questions please feel free to contact olymp@nsucrypto.ru. Total results of the Olympiad and the list of winners will be published on the website in a few days. Thank you for the participation!

The Olympiad 2016 is coming to the end!

21 November 2016

The second round is closed. Results of both rounds will be published on the website on December 12, 2016. Information about awarding of the winners will be avaible soon.
We thank all the participants of NSUCRYPTO-2016!

Participants can come to NSU and solve problems in a classroom

10 November 2016

You can participate in the First round on November 13 at 15:00* via the Internet at home (using your personal account) or by coming to NSU and solving problems in a classroom (as usual for other Olympiads but here it is allowed to use everything: laptop, books, Internet, etc.) We meet you at the first floor of the old main building of NSU (2 Pirogova Str.) at 14:30*.
*Novosibirsk time (UTC+7)

Solutions for the problems of NSUCRYPTO-2015 are available now!

6 November 2016

See the article "Mathematical problems of the second international students’ Olympiad in cryptography" in pdf.

Publications about the Olympiad results.

17 February 2016

Material about the Olympiad results have been appeared. Please find it on nsu.ru.