In this section we shortly present all unsolved problems stated in the history of NSUCRYPTO, where we mention also the current status of all the problems.

Year Problem title Status
2014 Watermarking cipher Unsolved
2014 APN permutation Unsolved
2014 Super S-box Unsolved
2015 A secret sharing Partially SOLVED
2015 Hypothesis Unsolved
2016 Algebraic immunity SOLVED during the Olympiad
2016 Big Fermat numbers Unsolved
2017 The image set Unsolved
2017 Boolean hidden shift and quantum computings Unsolved
2017 Useful Proof-of-work for blockchains Unsolved
2018 Orthogonal arrays SOLVED in
2018 Sylvester matrices SOLVED during the Olympiad
2018 Disjunct Matrices Unsolved
2019 Sharing Unsolved
2019 Curl27 Partially SOLVED during the Olympiad
2019 8-bit S-box Unsolved
2019 APN + Involutions Unsolved
2019 Conjecture Unsolved
2020 JPEG Encoding Unsolved
2020 Miller — Rabin revisited SOLVED during the Olympiad
2020 Bases Partially SOLVED during the Olympiad
2020 AES-GCM Unsolved
2021 Let’s find permutations! Unsolved
2021 s-Boolean sharing Partially SOLVED during the Olympiad
2021 Quantum error correction Partially SOLVED during the Olympiad
2021 Distance to affine functions Unsolved
2022 CP Problem Unsolved
2022 Super dependent S-box Unsolved
2022 Quantum entanglement Unsolved
2022 Crypto locks Unsolved
2022 Public keys for e-coins Unsolved