Here we briefly formulate the key points of the Olympiad.

Rounds of the Olympiad. There are two independent Internet rounds. The First round (duration 4 hours 30 minutes) is individual and consists of two sections: A and B. Theoretical problems in mathematics of cryptography are offered to participants. The Second round (duration 1 week) is devoted to research and programming problems of cryptography solved in teams (up to three members).

Everybody could participate! To become a participant of the Olympiad it is necessary and sufficient to register on the website There are no restrictions on status and age of participants. Participants from any country are welcome. During the registration every participant has to choose corresponding category: "school student" (for junior researchers: pupils and school students), "university student" (for participants who are currently studying at universities) or "professional" (for participants who have already completed education or just want to be in the restriction-free category). There are particular prizes for each category respectively. So, if you are a pupil of some school you should rather choose the category "school student" during registration since you could have higher chances on winning in it. The first round is divided into sections: A and B. Problems of section A are prepared for participants from the "school student" category, problems of section B are offered for participants from categories "university student" and "professional". The second round is general for all participants.

Language of the Olympiad. All problems are given in English. Please note all solutions should be written in English.

Format of the solutions. We accept solutions in any electronic format (pdf, jpg, txt, rtf, docx, tex, etc). For example, a participant is able to write his solutions on paper and send us a picture (please check that a picture is of a good quality). Solutions should have been written with all necessary details. Submit your files through your personal account on our website.

Prizes. There are several categories of prizes:
  • for school students — winners of section A of the first round;
  • for university students — winners of section B of the first round;
  • for participants in the category "professional" — winners of section B of the first round;
  • for participants (for every category separately) — winners of the second round;
  • special prizes from the Programm committee if one proposes a correct solution of the problem marked as unsolved.