The first round showed that I just won't learn from my mistakes—spent half of the time on a single problem I did not even submit!

In the second round I submitted 11 solutions: seems to be a new personal best. I've solved all the non-SP problems, and even fiddled some of the SPs. Looking forward to see the results. Maybe I'll even consider writeups (who am I kidding?)

I have posted a lot about how I love NSUCRYPTO. Now I'm telling about how I love what NSUCRYPTO does to me (have you felt my counsellor talking?).

Well, at NSUCRYPTO I feel much more alive than I'm used to. So energetic, purposeful, productive, focused… The head is bustling with ideas ready to break free through my pen, paper and keyboard. The solutions come up when and where you least expect them, emerging from scraps and fragments of abstract thoughts, and I carefully bring them in, trembling with excitement. At times my self-esteem would plummet like "heaven, I'm daft loser!" and soar to "I'm a wild beast, witness my feral power!". Oddly, this never shattered my concentration.

Each and every time, this is so heartful, so amazing…

NSUCRYPTO team, I can't thank you enough for this!

Irina Slonkina (Russia, Moscow, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

I want to congratulate all of you for this amazing contest, it has been a pleasure to participate. The problem set was very well rounded, starting with easy problems and going up to quite difficult and advanced attacks. We're looking forward to future editions of this competition.

Tulba-Lecu Theodor-Gabriel (Romania, Bucharest, Politehnica University of Bucharest)

First of all, we would like to thank you for this great Olympiad! We enjoyed very much to work on the problems, and we learned a lot from you. You really did an excellent job!
The Olympiad enables us to let the best students of mathematics to get involved in this scientific domain, where pure mathematics, computer science, and engineering meet.

Gabor P. Nagy (Hungary, Budapest, Budapest University of Technology)

I participated in this olympiad since the very beginning and it was one of the most important reasons to learn cryptography. I also used this gained knowledge to solve cryptography tasks in CTF contests, but their impact is actually nowhere close to this olympiad.

Roman Lebedev (Russia, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk State University)

I would like to thank the committee of NSUCRYPTO for organizing such a unique event. The problems are scientific, challenging and very interesting. They are very diverse - from blockchains and quantum algorithms to Boolean functions and number theory. One learns a lot when trying to solve these problems. I wish the olympiad many new participants and wonderful problems!

Alexey Udovenko (Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg)

Although cryptography isn't my field of study, each year I eagerly await for NSUCRYPTO to start. For me it's the most enjoyable olympiad with beautiful problems, both challenging and interesting, and it motivates me to research new areas. I'd like to thank organizers for their continuing efforts and wish that each year more participants from all around the world get involved.

The fun is much worth the week-long hard work, try it yourself!

Maxim Plushkin (Russia, Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University)

We have been participating in the NSUCRYPTO for the third consecutive year. Despite that we are not new to cryptography, not all tasks we can solve in the allotted time. To solve the problems of the NSUCRYPTO, you need not only knowledge of mathematics and cryptography, but also programming skills, as well as the skill to look at the solved problem from other point of view. Sometimes you spend hours trying to solve a problem, sometimes it seems that it’s impossible to solve it. But when you find a solution, usually so obvious, you experience an incomparable sense of delight. My hat's off to the person who think up such interesting tasks! Tasks that expand the horizon, make you think 24 hours a day. Many thanks to the organizers of the NSUCRYPTO! We wish the Olympiad of prosperity, development, many new participants from different countries, interesting tasks and non-standard solutions. We hope to participate in the NSUCRYPTO more than once. And there is a small wish: I would like to know the answers to the problems of the Olympiad in less than a year. With respect and best wishes!

Evgeniya Ishchukova (Russia, Taganrog, Southern Federal University)

The tasks of NSUCRYPTO are remarkable for a great variety: they range from tricky puzzles to really hard or even unsolved programming and mathematical problems. Every year there were several tasks representing not only some modern cryptographic algorithms but the related research problems. Participation in the Olympiad offers you an excellent opportunity to try yourself as a codebreaker and a cryptographer.

Anna Taranenko (Russia, Novosibirsk, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)

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