NSUCRYPTO is an excellent contest: the problems are challenging, varied and intriguing and a unique combination of mathematics and computation are required. Its a contest that leaves you wanting to spend more time on it after the deadline, just to work out the questions you didn't get. I thoroughly enjoyed participating last year and am much anticipating the questions of this year.

Robert Spencer (South Africa, University of Cape Town)

I think NSUCRYPTO is the perfect competition for a research student! I sometimes find myself reading too much and this competition is a great way of putting knowledge into practice by solving fun tasks. So if you're a student who likes to compete within a team against others solving crypto challenges this is the event to participate in!

Dragos Alin Rotaru (United Kingdom, University of Bristol)

I am very happy that NSUCRYPTO is getting better and better. The NSUCRYPTO was the most interesting contest I have ever participated in. The problems are both funny and very educational. They contain much knowledge not only from mathematics and cryptography, but also many other fields such as art. Hope more and more people will notice NSUCRYPTO and participate in it. Best wishes!

Renzhang Liu (China, Beijing, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science)

I came to cryptography at the same time of the 1st competition NSUCRYPTO. At the time, self-learning crypto is hard for me, I like cryptography subject and tried to go along with it. However, I didn't know the goal of my hobby, until I met the 2nd competition, seeing that it's very hard, I realize what material I need in order to comprehend the NSUCRYPTO solution. So I learn.

After a year, I get significant knowledge (not so deep) but wide coverage.

If anyone ask how I get started with cryptography, I would recommend them let start with a question, and then slowly unfold their the massive curiosity.

Now I started my PhD, which is great, the part my professor care in my CV, is this Olympiad. Without having a 3rd ranking to go for PhD, I would give up in cryptography due to the complex mathematic involve.

But now I'm good.

Thank NSUCRYPTO team.

Duc Tri Nguyen (Vietnam, Saigon, Cryptographic Engineering Research Group at George Mason University)

First, thank you for organizing a great competition. I really really like it.

Seriously, I don't know NSUCRYPTO before, until when cothan - my brother - my CTF teammate told me: "Hey, there is a competition about Math and Cryptography. Want to join?". "Yah, really? There is such a competition like this?"

In my country, there are not so many people (I don't want to say "rarely") do professional cryptography and/or mathematics, despite the fact that there are so many many people good at maths, got so many many prizes in the Olympiad of Maths. When we join the competition, we just want to know where we are with our knowledge, want to test ourself with our self-study Crypto, and want to improve our math in Cryptography. But luckily, we got prizes, out of our expectation :D

Hope that after our perfomance last year, there are more people join the competition, especially in my country.

Again, a big thank for you, who organizes a really really great competition!

Quan Doan (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, University of Information Technology)