In this section we shortly present all unsolved problems stated in the history of NSUCRYPTO, where we mention also the current status of all the problems.

N Year Problem title Status
1 2014 Watermarking cipher Unsolved
2 2014 APN permutation Unsolved
3 2014 Super S-box Unsolved
4 2015 A secret sharing Partially SOLVED in [1]
5 2015 Hypothesis Unsolved
6 2016 Algebraic immunity SOLVED during the Olympiad
7 2016 Big Fermat numbers Unsolved
[1] Geut K., Kirienko K., Sadkov P., Taskin R., Titov S. On explicit constructions for solving the problem “A secret sharing” // Prikladnaya Diskretnaya Matematika. Prilozhenie. 2017. №10. P.68–70. (in Russian)