The second round is Team

Your team can be of 1, 2 or 3 members. We ask you to not public your solutions in the Internet during all the Olympiad.

Dear , send solutions of your team to

Subject of your mail should be in format: Task-N-username1-username2-username3

If you have changed the solution and send it again put the subject Task-N-username1-username2-username3-version-M. Here N is the number of the problem, M is the number of version; M can be 2, 3 and so on. This is an example of the subject for a team of 3 members.

A solution of any problem should be sent in a separate letter

The solution should be attached as a file (or several files). Note that we accept solutions from the registrated e-mails only. To any your letter you get a reply from us in 4 hours. If there is no reply please check adress and re-send the letter.

Duration of the second round is 1 week

For all questions please contact nsucrypto@nsu.ru